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3 Spring Cleaning Tips To Spruce Up Your Office

Ahh spring cleaning, no matter how nice it is outside, you always get the itch to clean indoors. If you are performing any sort of spring cleaning in your office this year, let GOS give you tips on how to spruce things up a bit! 1 • Throw It Out Look, if you don’t need ... Read More

Ways To Make Your Workspace More Fun

For many of us, it can make a lot of sense to spruce up our work area. For 8 hours each day, 5 days each week, about 4 weeks per month, and 12 months of the year you’re at the office. There’s a pretty good chance you spend more of your waking and productive hours ... Read More

The Benefits of a Paper Shredder

While it doesn’t seem like an office essential, you’d be surprised about the benefits. Having a paper shredder in the office (and even at home) can be incredibly useful. Particularly when it comes to getting rid of paper that may contain sensitive information. For instance, bank account numbers or the employee payroll. Someone digging through ... Read More

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